Title: Bullet Proof (2007)

Medium: 4min15s DVD projected onto a modified casper bullet proof door


At first glance it is quite clear that the bullet proof window adds extra emotion. It gives the impression that the message on the DVD does not only demonstrate a collage of 'propaganda' orientated phenomenon, concerning the annihilation of common farmers, but expose real life events. Once flawless and unbreakable, the defeated bullet proof window now confronts the onlooker. This installation gives us a multidimensional feeling adding to the feeling of being put into the shoes of one who survived a farm attack.




Title: Race (2011)

Medium: Stationary exercise bicycle, computer, LCD monitor, wooden support base

Dimensions: 180 x 70 x 183 cm

Race is an interactive installation which consists of a stationary exercisebicycle connected to a large flat screen monitor displaying a recorded animated metronome. Theinteractive installation invites the viewer to climb onto the stationary bicycle and start to peddle.This will accelerate the speed of the metronome displayed on the screen. The faster the participantpeddles, the faster the metronome will go.  If you stop peddling, the metronome will go back to theslower programmed tempo, but it never stops completely. 


If you polish a turd, is it still a turd?

Title: If you polish a turd, is it still a turd? (2012)

Medium: 7 rows of 7, bottled purified water, individually promoted on a special highlighted square

Dimensions: 130 x 70 x 70 cm


Drink recycled water: it’s good for you and good for the environment! People buy bottled water allthe time and they don’t even read the label. Would people consider buying purified water if theyknew where the water came from? Maybe. But would a person drink it after finishing reading thelabel? Would you drink purified water derived from sewage?  Maybe ‐ just don’t read the label, butrather concentrate on the bright clear bottle, the publicity show and the cool transparent lights.  This will bring you peace of mind in knowing that you did your part for Mother Earth. Drink recycledwater: it’s good for you and good for the environment!